Admirable Counties

Thank you to the Maine Counties and Commissioners shown below for their immense, special help to the cause of volunteerism!


The ‘100%’ Counties and Commissioners deserve special praise because all their municipalities had 2018 Spirit of America winners!  For the others, ‘M’ indicates acclaim for More of their municipalities having Spirit of America winners in 2018 than in 2017, and ‘P’ indicates praise for their special help in other ways!


100% Counties:







Other Counties:

Aroostook – M

Cumberland – M

Franklin – M

Hancock – M

Knox – P

Lincoln – P

Oxford – M

Penobscot – M

York – M



100% Commissioners:

James Annis

Sally Christner

James Cloutier

Thomas Coward

Dean Cray

Patsy Crockett

Charles Crosby

Amy Fowler

Stephen Gorden

Newell Graf

Carol Grose

Rabyme Hutton

George Jabar

Neil Jamieson

Betty Johnson

Cyprien Johnson

Isaiah Lary

Neal Madore

Zachary Maher

Nancy Rines

Matthew Roy

Robert Sezak

Bonney Starbird

Lloyd Trafton

Melissa Willette


Other Commissioners:

Paul Adams – M

Peter Baldacci – M

Clyde Barker – M

Antonio Blasi – P

William Blodgett – P

Terry Brann – P  

Percy Brown – M

Sally Chandler – M

Richard Clark – M

William Clark – P  

Michael Cote – M

Thomas Davis – M

David Duguay – M

Richard Dutremble – M

Norman Fournier – M

Carol Maines – M

Steven Merrill – M

Hamilton Meserve – P

Richard Parent – P  

Sharyn Pohlman – P

Laura Sanborn – M

Mary Trescot – M

Timothy Turner – M

Paul Underwood – P

Charles Webster – M

Susan Witonis – M



For contributing so much to the success of their county’s Spirit of America program, special thanks also to others, including:


Sandra Berube, Larry Post (Androscoggin)

Sherrill Campbell, Ryan Pelletier (Aroostook)

James Gailey, Barbara Owens (Cumberland)

Vickie Braley (Franklin)

Scott Adkins, Rebekah Knowlton (Hancock)

Robert Devlin, Maeghan Maloney (Kennebec)

Wendy Galvin, Andrew Hart (Knox)

Carrie Kipfer, Deborah Tibbetts (Lincoln)

Abby Shanor, Tom Winsor (Oxford)

Diane Bowden, William Collins (Penobscot)

Mary Kay Blatz, Pamela Hile, Joel Merry (Sagadahoc)

Lori Costa, Dawn DiBlasi, Rochelle Roelofs (Somerset)

Barbara Arseneau, Lynn Patten (Waldo)

Kathryn Dumont, Gregory Zinser (York)